Cale, John - Fear

Cale, John - Fear

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€ 20,45
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Extra informatie

Titel Cale, John - Fear
Artiest Cale, John
Aantal units 1
Ranking top 100 N/B
Artikelnummer R44293
Ean 0600753649213
Genre Pop, Rock
Kwaliteit vinyl M
Kwaliteit hoes M
Kwaliteit label M
Score 10
Kwaliteit Nieuw
Beschrijving (Eng.)


Cale, John - Fear -Hq-

John Cale, OBE (born 9 March 1942) is a Welsh musician, composer, singer-songwriter and record producer. He was a founding member of the experimental rock band The Velvet Underground in early 1965. Though best known for his work in rock music, Cale has worked in various genres including drone and classical. Since departing from the Velvet Underground in 1968 he has released over 30 albums. Of his solo work, he is perhaps best known for his album 'Paris 1919'.
Cale was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as member of the Velvet Underground in 1996, and appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2010.

Tracks :

Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
Buffalo Ballet
Ship Of Fools
The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy
You Know More Than I Know
Momamma Scuba

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