Coltrane, John - Black Pearls

Coltrane, John - Black Pearls

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€ 24,80
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Extra informatie

Titel Coltrane, John - Black Pearls
Artiest Coltrane, John
Aantal units 1
Ranking top 100 N/B
Artikelnummer P83675
Ean 0888072359741
Genre Jazz, Fusion
Kwaliteit vinyl M
Kwaliteit hoes M
Kwaliteit label M
Score 10
Kwaliteit Nieuw
Beschrijving (Eng.)


Coltrane, John - Black Pearls -Hq-

As his career progressed, Coltrane and his music took on an increasingly spiritual dimension. His second wife was pianist Alice Coltrane and their son Ravi Coltrane is also a saxophonist. Coltrane influenced innumerable musicians, and remains one of the most significant saxophonists in jazz history. He received many posthumous awards and recognitions, including canonization by the African Orthodox Church as Saint John William Coltrane. In 2007, Coltrane was awarded the Pulitzer Prize Special Citation for his 'masterful improvisation, supreme musicianship and iconic centrality to the history of jazz.'

Tracks :

Black Pearls
Lover Come Back To Me
Sweet Saphire Blues

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