Q 65 - Revival

Q 65 - Revival

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Units : 1
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Kwaliteit - vinyl : M    hoes : M    label : M
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€ 20,45
Extra informatie

Extra informatie

Titel Q 65 - Revival
Artiest Q 65
Aantal units 1
Ranking top 100 N/B
Artikelnummer Q89777
Ean 0602547448729
Genre Pop, Rock
Kwaliteit vinyl M
Kwaliteit hoes M
Kwaliteit label M
Score 10
Kwaliteit Nieuw
Beschrijving (Eng.)


Q 65 - Revival

Based on sheer musical ability, the Q 65 deserved to be at least as well known as the Pretty Things or the Yardbirds. Indeed, the Dutch quintet could have held their own with either of those groups or the Animals without breaking a sweat, based on the recorded evidence, and they also had room for some of the more countrified blues evident in the work of the Downliners Sect. Yet the Q 65 have remained one of Europe's best-kept star-caliber musical secrets for more than 30 years. the Q 65 were Frank Nuyens (guitar, vocals, sax, flute, harmonica), Willem Bieler (vocals, harmonica), Peter Vink (bass), Joop Roelofs (guitar), and Jay Baar (drums), first got together in 1965, in the Hague. The city was known as 'the Liverpool of the Netherlands,' with a music scene that had been thriving since the end of the '50s.

Tracks :

1. Cry In The Night
2. No Place To Go
3. It Came To Me
4. I Was Young
5. World Of Birds
6. So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall
7. Sundance
8. Voluntary Peacemaker
9. Ridin' On A Slow Train
10. Fairy Tales Of Truth

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