Redding, Otis - Sings Soul Ballads

Redding, Otis - Sings Soul Ballads

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Extra informatie

Titel Redding, Otis - Sings Soul Ballads
Artiest Redding, Otis
Aantal units 1
Ranking top 100 N/B
Artikelnummer M63406
Ean 8718469533015
Genre Soul, Disco, Funk, R&B
Kwaliteit vinyl M
Kwaliteit hoes M
Kwaliteit label M
Score 10
Kwaliteit Nieuw
Beschrijving (Eng.)


Redding, Otis - Sings Soul Ballads

One of the most influential soul singers of the 1960s, Otis Redding(September 9, 1941 - December 10, 1967) exemplified to many listeners the power of Southern 'deep soul' -- hoarse, gritty vocals, brassy arrangements, and an emotional way with both party tunes and aching ballads. He was also the most consistent exponent of the Stax sound, cutting his records at the Memphis label/studios that did much to update R&B into modern soul. His death at the age of 26 was tragic not just because he seemed on the verge of breaking through to a wide pop audience (which he would indeed do with his posthumous number one single '(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay'). It was also unfortunate because, as 'Dock of the Bay' demonstrated, he was also at a point of artistic breakthrough in terms of the expression and sophistication of his songwriting and singing.
Redding received many posthumous accolades, including the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He received the honorific 'King of Soul'. Among his most well-known songs are 'Respect' and 'Try a Little Tenderness'.

Tracks :

1 - 1. That's How Strong My Love Is
1 - 2. Chained And Bound
1 - 3. Woman, Lover, A Friend
1 - 4. Your One And Only Man
1 - 5. Nothing Can Change This Love
1 - 6. It's Too Late
1 - 7. For Your Precious Love
1 - 8. I Want To Thank You
1 - 9. Come To Me
1 - 10. Home In Your Heart
1 - 11. Keep Your Arms Around Me
1 - 12. Mr. Pitiful

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